Will they take away a star on their web site? And, is one of those bowls chipped? And people say being owned by a pet is such a chore! You get half-claw feet-massages and head-to-chin butts in return! And a dog will wash any part you put forth, even if it’s a foot and not a people-paw or a chin-to-forehead rough-clothed tongue-bath. Better those you hooked-beak gaudy and noisy parrot!

Cat Nap Revue

unhappy campers
cats rattling empty bowls
dinner still not served

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“Inna Sixteen-Quart Soup Pot”

(July 30, 2018)

poached catfish stew in

oyster-and-chicken broths base

with veggies and herbs*


*(Diced potatoes, celery, carrots, onion and skinned-and-seeded tomatoes – with their juices – and lima beans, last of the frozen garden-fresh peas and sweet corn with parsley and fennel fronds.  Had I some nice white wine that would have helped, but I still debate whether mushrooms or rice or lentils?)