AEON 2 takes the crown as the largest mall in Cambodia

Will U. S. mall-goers get a case of the jealousies? Many of our 1970s shopping malls are tired and trite, especially here in Central Florida. This has several added advantages: it’s difficult to need parking if you fly halfway ’round the world just to go shop. Problem solved!



Inaugurated in the early June this year, this gigantic Japanese mall has to be one of the greatest infrastructures in Phnom Penh highlighting the constant development of the country as well as the new taste in the technological advancement of Cambodia. Stepping into this newly established branch of Japanese Mall would make us feel like we are in a totally different era compared to the Kingdom of Angkor which is labeled by people around the world. The sophisticated architecture resembles Japanese design along with greenery atmosphere.


Chiba, Senior Manager of Aeon Mall Cambodia, stated that this mall is the biggest amongst other branches in South East Asia.  This monumental mall offers a wide ranges of convenience facilities, services, restaurants, electronics, necessary products, .etc. Almost everything is available there; the only struggle is to walk around the vast floor of the mall finding the items.


It’s funny that what really interests…

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