“When You Say It All”

(June 25, 2018)

Any time you say “All”

violence (‘gainst women*) comes.

Open a dangerous door!


  • (Woman – or girl – beating mercilessly another woman or girl – or by a man – and you do nothing, say nothing, try nothing, and you have just passed the thresh hold of an all-inclusive “All Violence Against Women” is from men (or boys?).  The All-inclusive “All” in almost any statement is a quick trap into which admittedly small portions may fall, but if no one is there to measure just who and by or from whom such violence emanates toward one woman – or more women – we are driven to fantasy land in which a politician or other prominent person may make startling – and false claims – to protect a treasured preconception.  Not all claims of violence by a (or more than one) women must be believed just because they were uttered.  Just because they came from a woman.  The same applies to the other half of the human genome.  Without evidence all claims are just that: claims.  Yet in these perilous premeditated times when social justice and political and moral correctness are applied numerically and dogmatically the collective All is a very bad cave in which to go hunting for The Light.)

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