“Take Time To Tweak”*

(June 22, 2018)

was brother Storm pissed

when I said good vinegar

brightens salt-less soup


  • (Now sodium-restricted chef younger brother Storm still sees self a chef worth his salary: and it is so.  But rarely does he miss, though this tomato with just-tender though still crisp ten-vegetable soup brightened considerably when I added a nice red wine vinegar. And again, when I tried fresh lemon.  I tore into the delightful mix: the mushrooms, fresh and thick cut – the man makes spooners use sharp-sided implements to cut away lenghts of succulent beans, potatoes, yellow and zucchini squash though the sweet onions fold themselves demurely onto a big-enough spoon, the cut corn – at least this time not on sliced rounds of cob – and the black-eyed peas and else all married so much better when joined in holy eatery by the bonds of a little acid to spark the romance.  I didn’t even tell him the freshly cracked black pepper and the finish of both shaved Reggiano and small streams of extra virgin olive oil made the ripped chunks of baguette glad of their sacrifice when I stopped after a first spoon of the amended soup and went outside to plead with the pots for a few sprigs of parsley and a half-bushel of basil complete with flowers attached to stalks which I rubbed off into individual life preservers.  A modest quarter-hand of fresh-plucked marjoram completed my ruination of Storm’s supper.  I had not the heart to tell him of the swiss chard-n-chives-n-squash blossom added iceberg-cuke-carrot-celery-onion salad.  Overfilled bowl went into ware’d tupper for a night’s cold sleep and re-amended next noon for a return engagement.  The leftover portion of soup this time got The Heat Treatment, and I toasted the bread and then rubbed garlic with olive oil finish…and recalled passing my pots of near-ready to harvest domestic garlic and went back for some more for both soup and salad.  So much easier to season both a soup and a salad if one has an outdoor larder still fresh with just the most modest of washes to make ready.)

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