“Mister Pratt’s Latest Fall”

(June 21, 2018)

glad I spent such time

on my ass learning to fall:

early-skill for pratt!*


  • (Whilst walking home after the latest cloudburst slicked the sidewalks and streets, my slick-soled tenny-pumps betrayed and I had a choice: fight the fall or find a better landing.  Just a scrape of a few inches under a knee and already wet shorts backsides.  Then I debrided said scrape and sought out betadine but found only rubbing alcohol instead and after breathing resumed and cursing curtailed I slathered with cow udder ointment – McNeese’s Krestol Salve if you must know and it has from me a good third-century of proud endorsement – and thus I only have to worry ’bout the detached same-right-footed big toe nail’s return to embed itself int my tootsie’s tender topside flesh.  Or, as Spider Robinson’s fictional grandpa Jake Stonebender said: “If it ain’t one thing…it’s two things!”)

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