8 thoughts on ““It’s Springtime!”

      • I know. Been waiting with ‘bated breath – funny how abated has become so misused and misspelled – for more tropical disturbances trekking out way from Out East. But my athletic sinus cavities tell me the North African sandstorms already are making an early appearance in Central Florida. Summer colds from that continent – and the August haze out East – are a way we share immunities. After all that West African dirt in the air just wants to visit our purloined Gombo: gombo, gumbo both words tied to Okra which like peanuts came via the slave trade to The Americas, whose usefulness long outlived that horrid period which still permeates humanity all over this tired but paradoxically young planet.


  1. I probably spoke too soon. Here was me looking forward to the kind of BBQ weather the rest of Scotland is basking in but we live too near the North Sea and there hasn’t been a peep of sun all day.

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