“Dead Summer”

(June 26, 2018)

dead summer becalmed

speaks to some big storms roaming

though satellite says “no.”*


  • (Everything last evening (June 26) pointed to the East Coast Seabreeze already past and a night of muggy hot weather hanging about like a last-drunk who crawled in from the street and you were not quick enough to shut the door.  So, when finally I looked up from my book – the pen and notebook retired earlier to better claims – I heard that fateful far-off rumble and soon enough the crack and the spear-thrust a few hundred yards away.  The breeze freshened, but then failed and I ho-hummed in defeat as I joined the ‘book and pen and took my carafe inside to bask before the fan and see what Larry Elder had to say for himself on the radio.  Then, BOOM! The next half hour was an inch and well-peppered by lightning.  I grinned. Thanks, God.  I just watered at noon from the cisterns and you heard.)

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