“Cry-Kid” Tanka 2048

(June 25, 2018)

woman with cry-kid

spent six-thousand bucks to bring

daughter to border


dad is stuck in hondouras

with yet more of their children*


  • (First, the photo of the little girl “riped from her mother’s arms” crying so woefully before an image of be-suited American President Donald J. Trump is a blatant photo-shopped fake-news Time Magazine cover which did in no way happen.  The young girl was placed at the foot of her mother for a few moments as she dealt with some “I Want Asylum!” paperwork and was doing with all tykes do when they want to return to the held position.  And then, with further digging the father back in Honduras allegedly says mom – and wife – abandoned him and their other children (three?) to go with a coyote through Mexico to the U. S. border. A. Hitchcock could not have written a more wicked screenplay.  Get the wall built yesterday and return control of my media to me instead of morons who think my mind mush.)
  • * (My next question: how did this kid happen? Who came up with the alleged Six Thou paid to the human trafficer – and in this case the “coyote” allegedly trafficked the kid – and mom – to the border.  The story is just too strange right there.  The more we know of what goes on – especially between coyotes, others, the drug cartels which are supposed to run good chunks of Mexico right up to our U.S. borders, none of what is presented in the photo of a crying kid, an American president, and off-stage a distraught dad and more kids wondering why mom left in a hurry with but one daughter to risk murder, peril, rape, peril, sex slavery (possibly for both mom and daughter), peril, and perhaps most ominous of all: a photographer from – or for – Time Magazine ready to bring about the downfall of a president no one – apparently – likes or wants.  “Hey, Denmark: run out of rotten fish: I have plenty extra here to sell you!”)

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