“Caterpillar Strip?”

(June 25, 2018)

caterpillars strip

my new ‘zalea leaves – that’s good:

flutterbys and plants!*


  • (After decades of hand-picking caterpillars from my mothers – then mine – azalea hedges I finally realized from watching the growth, the blooms and flowers from a few new plantings that I did not assiduously patrol to pluck pesky “eaters” of butterfly-borne rapacious grazers that the “stripped” late Spring and early Summer plants produced noticeably more leaves, more buds and subsequently more flowers than the previously hand-picked ‘piller murthering I previously had waged.  The seasonal just-before-bud-set stripping of the foliage made room for new and robust leaves and set up a flush of late Summer growth and late Fall bud-set with spectacular Winter results.  But I do not feel so charitable concerning collards!)

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