“She Comes And Goes*”

(June 18, 2018)

*With Apology to Boy George and Kulture Klub

“Catch And Throw Back” original title


Come here illegal;

leave here the same way:

Catch And throw Back!**

** (Does not violate the U. S. Supreme Court’s ruling that Due Process must be extended not just to citizens only but to all aliens as well – both legal and criminal – so long as the 14 day from crossing the border illegally and catching within 100 miles of the same border is applied.  Let’s go back to The Supremes on this one.)


2 thoughts on ““She Comes And Goes*”

    • After hearing it on radio and thinking it catchy and the lead singer’s nom-d-song I thought the song just fine. Saw the MTV video and thought: nicely shocking. So. What? Some of my C-D acquaintences and some of my “I’m so Straight!” acquaintences were shocked and then saddened I responded to their requests to support their positions when I said: “So. What. Catchy – and topical – tune. Sounds to me like ‘easy way to make a buck.'” And years later in passing I heard troubling times ensued for BG. Did I research for more or feel sad. Not a whit! Dinna matter to me. Still, a catch tune. But I won’t dance to it.

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