5 thoughts on ““On The ‘G.I. Bill’!”

    • buy vodka in big jugs first; reuse tea bags (quart size) and solar heat in gallon lots and a crate of cabbage lasts forever and rice in 50-pound sacks. Container grown ‘maters and hot peppers and hold a weekly (or monthly) stone soup affair for college classmates and some special invited instructors and such and get wasted and wonder why one damnfool kept turning the television back on. Finally moved said TV into the bathroom and put the “clicker” in the kitchen knife drawer. A couple of pounds of chuck roast ground at home with garlic and onions and carrots to mix with tomato sauce (from garden) to make stuffed peppers to roast for a rousing – you guys bring what you want to share – party. Lots of education there. More’n what was at skool!

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  1. My lord(ly) ‘petite commands I make sure supper is first disinfected. Nothing does that better than too-cold vodka clinging to the replenished remains of formerly dehydrated hibiscus…did I tell you before – yes, I am sure! – okra is cousin to hibiscus and both o’er-brim with good nutrients and okra when young has the added benefit of being anti-popcorn. And people react marvelously as you meander the boulevard’s sidewalks popping immature okra pods mouthwards with a grin-n-crunch.


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