2 thoughts on “2004

    • My longtime – and for a long time, lost – Marine Corps pal Bruce “Juice” Jewett is an extraordinary poet (past haikuest to be sure – but he taught me the beginnings of 5-7-5 and then promptly breaks the rule) is a man of many talents – except he swims like a house, especially in heavy surf. He could fill in for a thinned-down now Buddha his smile encompassing several worlds as his enigma chases after. Occasionally he gives domestic glimpses and some of them are among his best work, even surpassing his beloved cats. I think he has cats just to annoy birds: else, he would have outdoor cats and fewer birds and squirrels. And who could live so close to The cities by the bay and wake each morning to panhandling deer? Man is charmed. And if he goes sockless, so what? I have seen him so un-tenderfootedly mis-shod many times before.


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