Some of mine though it a wonder-trick to eat half a still-green big tomato and leave the rest as a critic’s comment on the walkway to the front door. If only it got cold enough here in Winter to make squirrel stew practical…freezes the parasites into cysts easily removed when processing the carcass. Same with wabbits: have to schlep(sp?) cross county to get quail, bunny and treerat already imported from Michigan, et al. Or as the francophile housefrau yelled: shut up and eat your snails!

Cat Nap Revue

warm, windless morning
tree-top leaves flutter and shake
squirrels out to breakfast

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But, which? Brew or Mom and which did each fetch? I recently was told there was no market (?) for my (some NIB) Allclad, Cuisinart, and other gourmet (to me more everyday) Le Cruset cookware and cutlery, not to mention extra blenders, processors and suchlike. Glad I did not go wildhog and buy those portable convection ovens, etc. So, I can bake several artisinal loaves and two machine loves of bread on one sitting and don’t ask me why…I know a compulsive who left his obsessive at home!

Cat Nap Revue

I’d sell my mother
for a pot of fresh brew— but
done that already

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“She Comes And Goes*”

(June 18, 2018)

*With Apology to Boy George and Kulture Klub

“Catch And Throw Back” original title


Come here illegal;

leave here the same way:

Catch And throw Back!**

** (Does not violate the U. S. Supreme Court’s ruling that Due Process must be extended not just to citizens only but to all aliens as well – both legal and criminal – so long as the 14 day from crossing the border illegally and catching within 100 miles of the same border is applied.  Let’s go back to The Supremes on this one.)