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      • Over a medium-longish love of both – beer and words – I now can drink without reading and rite without drinking: though the latter finds me sometimes fluttering of pen (or keyboard). I shall take over – through or under – a beer with gratefully received advisement. A snifter of good single malt with a suppage of water demurely aside – though I must confess a parochial and personal preference for Old Bushmill 21-ys/o and not just a few Highland and even a few from the northern isles – also neat (for the first few gulps – who sips good hooch? I quaff great beer and let its poorer cousins rest a bit so temperature may hide some imperfections – but I find, like other forms of dope, the ‘pediment to proper punctuation and other things poetical sometimes antithetical to great drinking…or great writing. And leave us not speak of great great reading.

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