“Roast Me So Slowly” Tanka 2042

(June 16, 2018)

Roast me so slowly

I forget to die ‘fore lunch:

This chicken kills!


Season b reasts just under bacon:

carrots, onions, celery*.


  • (mention garlic, bay leaf, resemary, thyme, citrus splashes and pieces with halved tomatoes all below the birds breasts.  Cover with foil if the heat too-soon too-darks the skin.  Instant read thermometer at 165º F. All herbs used: fresh and placed on veg so as not to burn. One or three fresh sage leaves also with some parsley at the last few minutes on top of skin.  Put the breasts down to start and then turn after the juice runs just a little pinkish to give the breast flesh time to finish and the skin time to crisp.  That’s when the final herb supplied.  Remove bacon as soon as it gets crisp.)

“But Where Is Mom?” Tanka 2040

(June 16, 2018)

halfway between dad

‘n’ glenn’s birthdays I go grin:

usin’ math aghin!


july thirteenth splits storm

and me so exactly, too!*


  • (December 28th for that Ashkenazim girl gypped out of a second celebration: how could Winter’s Girl be so ungloomy and full of bright and undaunted love? We four Summer’s Boys all fell under her spell. Willingly.”