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A bird shit on my car yesterday. It got me thinking. There are up to 400 billion birds in the world. 400 BILLION. How is it possible that I only see bird shit on my windshield and on the faces of unfortunate pedestrians. Why are we not all constantly walking a puddle of fresh bird […]

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    • We are well-gulled as well, being a bit more than 30 miles for saline water with waves and fewer than those miles to The Indian River Lagoon, which river is but a small stream – creek really – above The Kennedy Space Center. We make up for the dimunition in white-splats with the onderful invasive Camphor trees which annually bombard all things about with purple-black berries whose seeds no one here will eat and thus when stepped upon by mere humans stain sidewalks and porches (really fascinated with the old-spelling Port Cheres(sp?) and that in itself is another story. What nature removes from out troubles it provides in spaces differing travails. I saw a lad in one of the four remaining 50-year-old spreading camphor trees (the roots when cut in foot-lengths provide natural mosquito and other-bug repellancies along the screens set before open windows and the leaves do double-duty as insect repellant as well). My older brother says convincingly that Chinese cooks smoke duck under camphor wood. Says why we have to fight those people every half-century or so, no?

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