“The Roger-n-Ron School*”

(June 3, 2018)

Roger Goss and Ron

Harwood give graduate school

guide for war-bound me!


  • (Corporal Roger Goss, formerly of The Third Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment, and Master Gunnery Sergeant Ron Harwood, almost a ‘plank holder’ in Marine Corps public relations since Korea at least, sit me down and show me the ropes – where and what The Elephant is – and more importantly, how to prepare split-biscuit ham and pineapple surprise with cocoa-n-chocolate over a hastily constructed field-expedient C-Ration can stove using heat tabs instead of knobs of C-4 plastique explosives the day I celebrate leaving Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station on Oahu, Hawaii, in favor of a tour of duty in Vietnam, for which I invested a pair of stripes and a court martial to achieve.)

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