“The Roger-n-Ron School” Tanka 2036

(June 3, 2036)

Roger Goss and Ron

Harwood give graduate school

guide for war-bound me.


Pineapple-ham split biscuit

with cocoa-coffee topping!*


  • (A better recipe is found in the haiku version of “Roger-N-Ron…” The B-4 bread can is the stove, under which the heat tab is burned on a smaller chocolate/cocoa/ can which is the base of the stove..  That can itself is opened with a “church key” beer can opener – for when there were no pull tabs for beer – to facilitate burning along both its top and bottoms. The bottom may or may not be removed by using a “John Wayne” P-38 c-ration can opener, screw-driver (both Phillips head and flat-head) and small knife divide.  The bread “biscuit is cut in half and inserted with a slice of pineapple – pear is an option – and topped with the rest of the biscuit with a slice of chocolate bar or a sprinkle of cocoa powder (coffee, too, if you like) or all the above and hen inserted in a flattened-to-fit “box” made from a well-washed oven can formerly holding something like my favorite C-Rat meal, sadly discontinued just about the time I arrived in ‘Th’ Nam’ good of Ham-n-Muthas! Ham and Lima Beans. With enough Tabasco sauce and non-freshly ground black pepper it approaches heaven!)  The making of the stove and the oven and the concoction will mark you a man of some talent and a creator of culinary achievement worth of any squad’s attention and continued-life support.)

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