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  1. Thankee, most kindly, Dear Lady. The Nuuanu(sp?) Pali linking its carved highway up the mountain ridge from Honolulu to The Windward side at Lanai and beside it Kaneohe Bay, gives a stark view of the crystalline form of a volcanic Island now dormant with its blue-black and purple-green verdancy laid over basalt and igneous forms. Once over the Honolulu side and past the seemingly required short tunnel just past the spectacular viewpoint (at which if you dare you may lean over the side into the updrafting wind and be suspended ‘midst heaven and earth – over the eternity’s edge so to lean but beware, do not have on a treasured hat!) there is revealed an enigmatic mountain some 270 meters tall from the flat ever-thinning coastal plain. I still want to climb that small mount – just because!)


    • Body surf Sandy Beach (near the famous Blowhole, the picturesque scenery beside the beach Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster decided to “sand up” a sexy scene in “From Here To Eternity” from which the movie “In Harm’s Way was partially based; thence; again sample malasadas, the delightful Portugese “doughnut” pastry more akin to a bignet – but better – and Saimin, the vermicelli chicken broth adopted by Hawaii from Japan; and, of course, if the surf is down enough again ride a Summer swell in Waikii, then go boogie boarding at Hanauma Bay before heading off to Up-Country Maui. A visit to The Punchbowl National Cemetery of The Pacific (mostly reserved for WW II veterans nowadays – to say hi to mom and dad. Ahhh, dreams.

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      • That’s why, I maintain, her “J Voice” is so faint: in an urn encased in concrete made to look marble on an extinct volcano’s mountainside overlooking Pearl Harbor…I have a theory. Little brother Storm and his owner decided to “plant” mom and dad there so they could gin up the excuse to say “howdy” every so often by “Double Miles” airlines. The Wife of him, Jeanne, wants my carcass for Arlington National Cemetery outside of Washington, D.C. – which since I so qualify for therein planting, prompts better behavior on my part because the notion of being put under a cypress tree along the lower Wekiva Rover banks so I can feed black bear, otter, bobcats and the non-fastidious raccoon tickles me and I like keeping my brothers’ wimmin – daughters as well – frustrated with my lack of filial conformity.

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