“Make My Mosquitoes Big”

(June 3, 2018)

murder mosquitoes

big as pigeons pecking blood

fat and slow-stupid*


  • (Easier to kill that way. Hopefully they will come to you that way.  Keep a handy bottle of rubbing alcohol to bathe the holey parts which also momentarily cools the skin.  If your ‘skeeter’ is skinny and mean, contemplate a quick short slap: or slather self with DEET. The stuff we used in Vietnam was so strong it would melt plastic combs.  Why a combat Marine needed a plastic comb – other than ersatz harmonica – is beyond me.  But that Nam-era bug juice was lethal to all things plastic…and worked marvelously on telling you where every single one-molecule-wide cut or scrape which ever existed on your body unhealed was located. Kept away most bugs, too, though only until the sweat washed it away…and it did have a distinct odor, so it was contraindicated if you were on patrol, on an ambush or your fighting hole was “up front,” and in Th’ Nam, nowhere really was “back safe.”)

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