“Gunner* Bill”

(June 3, 2018)

‘Gunner’ Bill Omdahl

looked deep into those dired eyes:

“Yep, J” he intoned.


  • (Marine “Gunner” – Chief Warrant Officer 4, also termed “Marine Gunner” as a sign of respect: highest enlisted rank past Sergeant Major/Master Gunnery Sergeant – rating a salute and quasi-officer status, also the lowest ranking in all officerdom.  Rarely calls anyone below Major General rank – they call him.  Not only knows where the bodies are burried, but carried the shovel.  Gunner Omdahl was an Explosive Ordinance Disposal expert among his various USMC jobs, this last as a public relations junior executive on semi-independent duty in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but a few years before the Marine Corps’ 200th Anniversary, was something of a tailgate stationing, keeping an eye on a senior First Lieutenant, Joe Masciantonio, a Philly native, who had no previous PR experience and only a cursory public relations introductory course, knew he was in for an interesting tour when he men his staff of three sergeants – two of whom were Vietnam combat pals, and a lance corporal artist-in-residence of Russian extraction who also grew up in North Philly and one surly Private First Class – who actually went to Defense Information specialists school but was relegated to the basement where he did all things worth with shipping and handling and receiving and watching unreleased WW II combat footage for more than 30 hours each week since there was so much call on his services. About “the eyes,” more later.)

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