“Dry May”

(June 3, 2018)

“Dry” May gives us floods;

June starts with break-promise rain:

so: all ’bout normal!*


  • (June historically begins our Wet Months which often drag wetly on through October and into November.  Often is the key.  Rainfall of two inches in May is “normal.” We had better’n ten.  June has seen a 30-inch pour before – 1960 which featured Hurricane Donna, whose I in which I and my brothers gamboled as it crossed from Tampa toward Daytona Beach over our Sanford homestead in then still somewhat new to us Florida.  The faucet left wide open in May self-closed this weekend just past.  Already my okra “field” out the side yard is parched.  Birds use it for a sand-bath, though I religiously keep full their other baths with fresh water.  Ingrates.  I rely on weekday rain to give me time to navel-gaze.  Now coolie-I haul buckets to parched container vegetables and contemplate more chores to wet down the planned progress through three more “patches,” yet to Summer plant.  I need a beer! I want three beers!)

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