“Fission Or Fusion?”*

(May 28, 2018)

Fission or Fusion

not just two flavors of bomb:

Both come with “sprinkles!”


  • (Someday Real Soon Now – I promise not at all – I will get aroundtoit – I had a master gunnery sergeant hand me a wooden coin embossed with the word “RoundToIt” in honor of my successful avoidance of a certain Lieutenant Colonel’s repeated entreaties for me to produce an Officer Selection Office brochure featuring The Signs of The Zodiac – to find a better windupword for “sprinkles.” The public is invited to attend me with suggestions.  This whole device came to me at Oh Dark Thirty – 3:45 a.m. – Memorial Day Monday and finally I was forced to grab the Sidewinder cell-charger device and bring forth a one-diode light by which I scribbled – even more poorly than usual – the above haiku…about which the dream never replied to repeated implorements as to its meaning, its structure and its endword.  So much for dreams being helpful, neh? Enigma, thy name is Dream and thy vehicle Somnifacient! Which may be misspelled into a device delivering debris to hospital!)

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