“What Solon Bill Believes”

(May 22, 2018)


Solon* Bill Nelson

attacks school shootings head on:

Throw ‘shrinks’ at ’em!

  • (Florida democrat U. S. Senator, when not interfering in his son’s arrest in downtown Orlando a couple decades ago for disturbing a bar, comes up with some really useful ideas – useful in the sense that it keeps even a wishy-washy Marco Rubio a U. S. Senator for “the other team” – but his idea to flood money into “Mental Health” programs designed to disarm demented students and others from shooting up our schools takes a whole bakery of cakes.  No word on flooding school zones with trained and armed School Resource Officers (sworn cops), trained and armed administrators, staff and, yes, teachers, to “put down” the mad dogs who would inflict terror at its basest level, that is too too for Senuter Bill, and his ilk.  One does not ask a victim of a rabid dog how they feel about that until the dog is dispatched.  A ‘nother “take in the following Tanka.)

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