2 thoughts on ““Tell Lies Posing As Poetry”

  1. Do ah ditty ditty dum ditty do…poetry plays in many sandboxes, most precious Lady Yasmin, though I most sincerely doubt you would so know and I feel more than just a bit trepedacious(sp?) so to inform. Politics: an amalgam word: The Greek word “Poly” for many…(also a reference to ‘The Head’) and “tics” an English word for blood suckers. But, en main, I agree with you and was more making a jape or jest with the current fascination of the local and worldwide media with “scandals,” especially of a sordid nature. When I was a practitioner of “journalism,” and, worse, commentary, sometimes rather often I would remark – in print – that there was only one thing worse than a newspaper writer…
    A newspaper reader.


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