“Roast-rare Tri-Tip Beef” Tanka 2022

(May 21, 2011)


roast rare tri tip beef

on jalapeno hot rings

over buttered bread!


Save most au jus for baked spuds

and more carrots for ‘red hash’!


* (most of the alleged recipe is printed with the haiku version.  The carrots, onions, garlic and mixed greens – for salad – came from the garden just after I finished slicing the tri tip roast and making rings of fresh-picked that morning jalapenos.  A hand of yellow pear, grape and red cherry tomatoes sat on the plate and were ingloriously popped prior to a forkful of lettuces and radish and swiss chard greens with a little shredded baby collards – because I love ’em and forgot I still had cabbage to top the salad for extra crunch.  Red and white onions hid in the salad along with cukes cut in chunks – I save still the last Florence fennel bulb for an orange and red onion salad for a salmon plank bake – but its older sister full of fennel seeds promises to make the ground pork a great breakfast sausage tomorrow.)

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