2 thoughts on ““Rainy Day Walk On Kalakaua”

    • Actually, an Hawaiian version of Summer business attire: a whimsical type of jazz dress and strappy but modest high heels, under her see-through head-to-just-past-shoulders umbrella to ward the steady but not downpourish rain…just walking a watery sidewalk towards some office buildings just past my favorite pizza place where cognoscenti might convince the owner/pizziolo to put their own “oregano” on their pie…if they left enough extra for him, and he’d join the party in the usually “reserved” loft for a nosh, bringing up a second carafe of wine. When in uniform I’d doff both socks and shoes and walk barefootedly during those summery cloudbursts. If in “Utility” uniform – dungarees in old-speak – the boots were high enough and usually well-slathered in polish – spit-shined if for base-side use and just buffed if for “the boonies” to take to the water like a well-fatted sassy duck. She did have a purse on her off-‘brella shoulder and had a smallish and light briefcase on that side as well, so I just assumed she were bidness-lady. In those not-quite 21-year-old days – and to be truthful, today still – I’d make up stories and lifelines for interesting people I’d encounter either in person and that includes communicative passages – or just in passing, visually, those who piqued my interest…and, whoever so doesn’t?

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