“Polite Little Beasts”* Tanka 2010**

(May 21, 2018)

\polite little beasts,

unvoted upon piggies

at the barbecue!


saved with smooth and well-sauced lies

but red at-the-bone poison!


  • (Originally polite little beasts in the copy went to serve as Headline material…but I am leaning toward changing to “polite little piggies” in honor of all appointed and bureaucratic creatures who so fill my heart with unjoy and visions of skewers never set over fires nor ever sauced but roundly rotating on unintended-for-consumption spits of everlasting yes-ses instead of their uncomical cant-ed no-es.)
  • ** (The gap in tanka numbering – my notebook says “1099” but I know I added a few in the Vietnam laundry list of Tanka 1081-2001) will be explained later: I have fill-in December 10, 1970 work left to write…I pray for me on yet another unaftered chore.)

2 thoughts on ““Polite Little Beasts”* Tanka 2010**

  1. As for real pigs, yes! But in the case of public, political pigs, why waste sauce, smoke, wood, herbs and other fire amends, and most of all marinade. Let the latter case just stew! I smoke-roast a mean Boston Butt (front shoulder portion, loaded with intramuscular fat a a famously tasty kind, studded with slivers of garlic, jalapeno and serrano peppers, green onions, fresh sage leaves and rosemary branches…into the firebox I toss black pepper (ground commercial kind – its only real use as I prefer my 1977 peugot-geared corn grinder sheathed in American maplewood, standing almost a foot ball. Added to the pepper, onion and garlic peelings and ends, generous portions of wide-body chives, and if the mood strikes portions of loquat and sour root orange branches and leaves and a few halved and squoze and whole sour oranges as well. As to the political piggies: thems I not-vite!


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