“Not Counting ‘Evap'(oration)” Tanka 2021

(May 21, 2018)


not counting ‘evap’

there’s seven inches of rain

just this week alone!


honolulu summer rains

everyone* carried flip flops!


  • (With the rains busting the myth of May Dry Days, I kicked off the keds and turned to trusty beach sandals – extra heavy duty and since but $5 a pair in the can’t sell bin last Fall I stocked up and even had a few pairs of “too large” in case I hooked up with a convenient red vw beetle’s back bumper to go street-skiing in our 1- to 3-inch in-an-hour cloudburst flooded streets scenes.  In 1969 I first spied a well-dressed (business attire) young lady carrying her strappy mid-height heels in her off hand – she had a briefcase in t’other) walking ankle-deep on a cloudburst-filled sidewalk.  Next stop it was an umbrella-toting man with his dress shoes in hand with shower clogs sloshing through the light rain but still filled sidewalk.  Useful, even if I grew up barefootin’ most rainy days in Sanford or at New Smyrna Beach.  Even when doing the Walk Sanford’s Every Street photographic days I had slung under the camera haversack a plastic bag holding heavy-duty beach-flops.  The bags then would serve double duty for the tennie-pump sneakers and thus I’d save a sog.)

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    • We have – currently – a big low pressure area on the East side of the Yucatan Peninsula which will begin affecting (and effecting) our area of All of Florida later this afternoon, move into the eastern or central Gulf of Mexico by Saturday and begin inundating perhaps through Monday as it aims itself (as a possible tropical depression or “named” tropical storm from Louisiana to just a bit North and West of us here in Sanford as it makes landfall…the rain and clouds already are building from Tennessee and The Carolinas through Washington, D. C., Pennsylvania and into New England. I just planted okra seeds and need the rain at least through Saturday. But I am sure I would be willing to share. I rather like the Indian Ocean term for tropical cyclones: Willy Willies, named perhaps by inebriated Australians. Typhoon is so dramatic…but a 300-miles-per-hour cyclone in The Pacific is a thing of awe and dark and deadly beauty. The most I have experienced is 160mph. The most rain is 30-inches…and that was after a 50-inch Summer. I shall see what kind of packaging I must manage to send you your share, Yassy!

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