Only on his West-bay aerie could Bruce Jewett declaim Winter’s un-end and think just shorts talisman enow! Bare-chest-it Buddy, your Mountain View demands it of you! Lest you get but three weeks of Summer ‘stead of your usual six! Nowhere else in North America does BART furnish its buses with bop-bellied stoves year-round!

I put on short pants
winter still hanging around
doesn’t get the hint

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6 thoughts on “1931

    • One of my longest-lasting US Marine Corps pals, Bruce Clay Jewett – haikuforcats – wrote the above 1931, which I am privileged to reblog at whim. A most uncanny man, poet, chess winner and owner of the most enigmatic set of smiles ever owned by one man. His: BruceJewett.Wordpess.com address I sometimes fantasize flinging everyhow across The Net.

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      • “Pot” Bellied Stoves, J. Quit letting that left index get away with over-typing. brucejewett.wordpress.com is his domain at Word Press. He wrings spare wit he wipes from is forehead on terrycloth towels and when squoze dry he refills San Francisco Bay after a particularly hard day at the evaporator plant.


    • As a young elementary schoolboy I left with my family – besides it was late April and Winter almost was over! – from Argentia U. S. Naval Air Station, Newfoundland, Canada, to come to Sanford – freakin’ hot – Florida. Sick we three boys all were for two weeks what with the heat and the humidity (possibly 75 or 80 degrees and 75 humidity…but by the time July rolled around we were barefoot and picking sandspurs out of those now-toughened tootsies in ragamuffin shorts and no shirts…mom had to cut the whole milk half-and-half with water because it was too rich: no allowed dairy available to US personnel and dependents on Newfoundland then. Within a few week we were acclimated and still we quaffed a gallon each each day…when she ‘plainted our profligate pursuit of moo-juice my older brother Glenn responded: “Why?, It’s just powder and water.” Took a while but we rarely got by a day without a dozen pints. A growing boy: God’s way to avoid wasted food or drink.


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