Of Flame Keepers and Writers

If you haven’t already: pull up a chaise lounge – the meal you are about to be fed will require such – and read, see, watch, Shehanne Moore’s delightful piece. This must be sent straitway to my Nieces-2-Pieces vie Snagglepus Mail and much enjoys all around!

shehanne moore

Ken : – In 1942 Annie’s grandson is in the North African desert. Near a place called El Alamein. He’s never been abroad before… (Exit put on Churchill hat.)

Em : – … unless you count a summer holiday to the seaside…at Broughty Ferry! Now in the North African Desert  Boab’s future career plans don’t involve jute. ( Three WW2 soldiers kick  ball.)

Boab : – What a goal! When the war’s ower I’m gonna be a professional – I’m no goin back to work in a mull an deh afore meh time like meh granny.

Tam : – Deh afore yir time? Yir in a war!

Boab : – Hope an faith! Besides jute’s on the wey oot.

(Kick the ball again. Enter Officer.)

Officer : – (Bellowing) Get that ball away and get fell in. On parade now!

Boab : What’s this aboot, Sir?

Officer : Yours not…

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Only on his West-bay aerie could Bruce Jewett declaim Winter’s un-end and think just shorts talisman enow! Bare-chest-it Buddy, your Mountain View demands it of you! Lest you get but three weeks of Summer ‘stead of your usual six! Nowhere else in North America does BART furnish its buses with bop-bellied stoves year-round!

Cat Nap Revue

I put on short pants
winter still hanging around
doesn’t get the hint

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Bruce Jewett is so innately kind I smother guffaws and glee and know he really did want to see the pictures. Wonder if he volleyed back with his? All of us in high school were weird geeks of five kinds or seven, and I am not surprised this gramma wanted you to see what she hath wrought!

Cat Nap Revue

the vamp of high school
corners me— shows off pictures
of her grandchildren

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“Polite Little Beasts”* Tanka 2010**

(May 21, 2018)

\polite little beasts,

unvoted upon piggies

at the barbecue!


saved with smooth and well-sauced lies

but red at-the-bone poison!


  • (Originally polite little beasts in the copy went to serve as Headline material…but I am leaning toward changing to “polite little piggies” in honor of all appointed and bureaucratic creatures who so fill my heart with unjoy and visions of skewers never set over fires nor ever sauced but roundly rotating on unintended-for-consumption spits of everlasting yes-ses instead of their uncomical cant-ed no-es.)
  • ** (The gap in tanka numbering – my notebook says “1099” but I know I added a few in the Vietnam laundry list of Tanka 1081-2001) will be explained later: I have fill-in December 10, 1970 work left to write…I pray for me on yet another unaftered chore.)

“Not Counting ‘Evap'(oration)” Tanka 2021

(May 21, 2018)


not counting ‘evap’

there’s seven inches of rain

just this week alone!


honolulu summer rains

everyone* carried flip flops!


  • (With the rains busting the myth of May Dry Days, I kicked off the keds and turned to trusty beach sandals – extra heavy duty and since but $5 a pair in the can’t sell bin last Fall I stocked up and even had a few pairs of “too large” in case I hooked up with a convenient red vw beetle’s back bumper to go street-skiing in our 1- to 3-inch in-an-hour cloudburst flooded streets scenes.  In 1969 I first spied a well-dressed (business attire) young lady carrying her strappy mid-height heels in her off hand – she had a briefcase in t’other) walking ankle-deep on a cloudburst-filled sidewalk.  Next stop it was an umbrella-toting man with his dress shoes in hand with shower clogs sloshing through the light rain but still filled sidewalk.  Useful, even if I grew up barefootin’ most rainy days in Sanford or at New Smyrna Beach.  Even when doing the Walk Sanford’s Every Street photographic days I had slung under the camera haversack a plastic bag holding heavy-duty beach-flops.  The bags then would serve double duty for the tennie-pump sneakers and thus I’d save a sog.)