“You Wanna Know? (No!)” Tanka 1075*

(May 19, 2018)


I want to know where

real welfare went – to pay

UCF Wig Big*


Two Hundred Thou!…to take

kickbacks and gifts from vendors!


  • (University of Central Florida Vice President for University Relations – whose salary is $200,000 takes gifts, including tickets to Orlando City soccer club match, in his capacity as a university official, thus adding to his weekly paypacket “gifted” by students and students’ parents, the state and national sources. Two Hundred Grand!  And he gets side-tastes too!  Not only obscene but well past that particular piece of “as usual” news for the day.)

“Do You Wanna Know (No!)?” Tanka 1075

(May 18, 2018)


I want to know where

real welfare went – to pay

UCF WigBig*


two hundred thou…to take

kickbacks and gifts from vendors?


  • (Vice President of University Relations apparently accepted gifts – including free Orlando City soccer match tickets – and is paid near $200,000 per year for his services by the state and the students, and perhaps the nation when all the money is parsed.  Two Hundred Grand?!! With whom does this person relate?)

“Pre-Season Tropical Storm Reverie”

(May 18, 2018)


wind-whipped waves of rain

stage early stormtime rehearsal

I switch to ‘wet-wear!*


  • (May, usually, in Central Florida is the final gasp of the springtime Dry Season – but not always.  In the past two weeks we have surpassed a near 9-inch yearly deficit by an inch or more – and someone forgot to close the spigot.  Gray low clouds already march in formation along out beach-side coastline barely 30 miles away and not-to-be-outdone, a westerly breeze pushes more moisture-ladened similar sky-cover in from The Gulf Coast.  Lest I revel too much I must recall the last time we had a 30-inch June rainfall was in 1960: and Hurricane Donna roared up a then-non-existent Interstate-4 superhighway and crossed Sanford with its eye en route to adding another two feet of wet stuff, taking a goodly chunk of The Daytona Beach Pier off to sea and later did damage to Boston’s Old North Church Steeple.  Someone who prayed for rain forgot to close the spigot, hmmm?)

“Daytona Beach Music”

(May 18, 2018)


London Symphony

one side of the street – other

is ‘The Destroyers!’*


  • (Every other year since I was a Senior in high school – 1966 – The London Symphony Orchestra has reserved two weeks for a series of concerts and playtime in its Summer Home, Florida’s Daytona Beach.  Antonin Dvorak’s “From The New World” – Symphony Nine – is a recurring feature.  And having once time a Russian composer  leading a British ‘band’ in playing “The Star Spangled Banner,” an amazing time, not to mention Rostopovich debuting a new cello concerto honoring Shostakovich.)