“All My Monsters*”

(May 17, 2018)


All of my monsters

live rent free between my ears.

The rest? Imposters!


  • (So ends the fifth of three haiku and tanka poems drug from my slumber this morning just after 3:20 a.m.  I did get back to sleep – soundly. Until the Bose alarm on Heavy Metal jarred me up at 5.  A handfull of oats – cereal – a few prunes, a liter of water and a good solid happy pee and I went – promptly – back to sleep and woke amazingly but expectantly in time to doff-n-don and amble downtown to the library where I impose what’s left of my will on a plastic keyboard with chatty clacks and clicks not at all like my first newspaper typewriter with a huge roll of yellow paper attached with a coathanger that said to me “Write Away, boyo! Write Away!” Or, was that really Right Away, boss?” Dreams can be confusing.)

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