“All My Monsters*”

(May 17, 2018)


All of my monsters

live rent free between my ears.

The rest? Imposters!


  • (So ends the fifth of three haiku and tanka poems drug from my slumber this morning just after 3:20 a.m.  I did get back to sleep – soundly. Until the Bose alarm on Heavy Metal jarred me up at 5.  A handfull of oats – cereal – a few prunes, a liter of water and a good solid happy pee and I went – promptly – back to sleep and woke amazingly but expectantly in time to doff-n-don and amble downtown to the library where I impose what’s left of my will on a plastic keyboard with chatty clacks and clicks not at all like my first newspaper typewriter with a huge roll of yellow paper attached with a coathanger that said to me “Write Away, boyo! Write Away!” Or, was that really Right Away, boss?” Dreams can be confusing.)

“I Dream Of Monsters” Tanka 1072*

(May 17, 2018)


I dream of monsters

under my bed all the time

and they are moving


Pray, will they take me along

for a wondrous magical ride?**


  • (I know: actually the fourth of three – and yet there appears one more! in a series of 3:20-something a.m. this morning’s insistent wakeup call from my pen and notepad.  Either get up and wise the sidewinder windup phone-charger one-diode light and scribble cryptic or forever face self-antagonism. And, I am a confirmed and decorated coward!)
  • * (So, I had an eight-count final line?  …a wondrous magic ride…just did not scan nor sound right.)

Me Before Food

The denouement is worth the ride to ridding oneself of any kind of affliction, as summersetharmony so aptly describes.


It’s taken me just over 2 years to accept that I can’t eat wheat or milk. Milk was a lot easier to abstain from. It kind of tasted weird and was never really a desired drink unless if cookies were accompanying it. Because I have very fond memories of eating whole baguettes with butter during my childhood, giving up bread was absolutely a totally different story.

I remember the fateful day when, after a year of randomly swelling lips and hives and other various symptoms, I finally called my allergist and explained what was happening. The verdict was that I had to cut out six foods. They were: wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, garlic, and onion. So for the entirety of my winter break in college during my senior year, I participated in an elimination diet and skin prick testing. My diet then consisted predominately of beans and rice. I probably…

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