“Saffron Squash Blossoms” Tanka 1071

(May 14, 2018)


saffron squash blossoms

beg to be stuffed many ways –

raw, steamed, fried or baked


volunteers from the compost

along with gherkin-ized cukes*


  • (When squash blossomed into my comost-rich new containers I was assiduous a murderer to protect my newest babies in late April and throughout March.  But I did designate several containers as – let’s see what it is – experiments and added a few more largish containers and waited to see who came to lunch.  Some were the large squash varieties and a few turned out to be cucumbers, whose miniature – too small to be gherkin-ized YET, so I looked the lot over and saw the makings of some nice vegetal squashss-blossom stuffers, some raw and some cooked.   The raw would get the spring roll treatment with garniture of iced radishes cut thin and baby wild onion seeds with a center-onion-piece of the momma ‘yion…about the size of a pearl-on-steroids.  Gherkin-sized raw cukes whole or bias cut and baby radishes and beets might complete the plate.  A tangerine-based vinaigrette with fruity olive oil and homemade grenadine syrup with baguette thins topped with goat cheese.  But what beer? What wine?  And, the penultimate – should I share?  Do not ask the alimentary outfit: they are greedy beyond measure.)

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