“Saffron-Colored Squash Blossoms”

(May 14, 2018)


saffron squash blossoms

huge male petals cry to be

stuffed, steamed, fried or lasagnaed!*


  • (The female blossoms – yielding fruit – are smaller though tastier I think and them I sometimes sacrifice the nascent fruit into a salad torn not just for color – or the occasional bee-surprise, always a treat! – but silken texture and taste as well. The Lasagna?  Stuff lightly a large blossom – however many you have and then find the proper casserole – with particularly fragrant and light stuff-ments: mushrooms, wild chopped onions, garlic and/or shallots, lightly sauteed greens of chard and lettuces and cresses and, if you have, mild goat’s cheeses.  The sauce of brothy fresh-picked tomatoes or canned san marzano’s with additions of yellow and red pear and red grape tomato halves and if large quarters.  Fresh basil and parsley to garnish.  Bake gently and let cool. A slotted spoon saves the blossom and I just tilt the casserole over each serving to sauce all.)

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