“Saffron Squash Blossoms” Tanka 1071

(May 14, 2018)


saffron squash blossoms

beg to be stuffed many ways –

raw, steamed, fried or baked


volunteers from the compost

along with gherkin-ized cukes*


  • (When squash blossomed into my comost-rich new containers I was assiduous a murderer to protect my newest babies in late April and throughout March.  But I did designate several containers as – let’s see what it is – experiments and added a few more largish containers and waited to see who came to lunch.  Some were the large squash varieties and a few turned out to be cucumbers, whose miniature – too small to be gherkin-ized YET, so I looked the lot over and saw the makings of some nice vegetal squashss-blossom stuffers, some raw and some cooked.   The raw would get the spring roll treatment with garniture of iced radishes cut thin and baby wild onion seeds with a center-onion-piece of the momma ‘yion…about the size of a pearl-on-steroids.  Gherkin-sized raw cukes whole or bias cut and baby radishes and beets might complete the plate.  A tangerine-based vinaigrette with fruity olive oil and homemade grenadine syrup with baguette thins topped with goat cheese.  But what beer? What wine?  And, the penultimate – should I share?  Do not ask the alimentary outfit: they are greedy beyond measure.)

“Saffron-Colored Squash Blossoms”

(May 14, 2018)


saffron squash blossoms

huge male petals cry to be

stuffed, steamed, fried or lasagnaed!*


  • (The female blossoms – yielding fruit – are smaller though tastier I think and them I sometimes sacrifice the nascent fruit into a salad torn not just for color – or the occasional bee-surprise, always a treat! – but silken texture and taste as well. The Lasagna?  Stuff lightly a large blossom – however many you have and then find the proper casserole – with particularly fragrant and light stuff-ments: mushrooms, wild chopped onions, garlic and/or shallots, lightly sauteed greens of chard and lettuces and cresses and, if you have, mild goat’s cheeses.  The sauce of brothy fresh-picked tomatoes or canned san marzano’s with additions of yellow and red pear and red grape tomato halves and if large quarters.  Fresh basil and parsley to garnish.  Bake gently and let cool. A slotted spoon saves the blossom and I just tilt the casserole over each serving to sauce all.)

“Nor Trumpets Nor Piccolos”

(May 13, 2018)


Never Trump-ets sound

more like shrill, sharp piccolos

than when brass horns in.*


  • (Allegory? Perhaps.  Sometimes the music attending Donald J. Trump is not his own but from a peanut-shell band playing unsyncopated and off-key as if there were more than one set of big brasses battling their separate causes.  And the critics moan.  Why, of why, does he not put a stop to this?  Perhaps it is, simply, because it pleases him to let the mice argue over The Cheese as he contemplates a wider banquet? Perhaps. Just perhaps.)

“In Reply To Bruce Jewett’s ‘1917’ Haiku”

(May 15, 2018)


Just after I coughed*

I went back and pressed Five Stars

We must save “The Poop!”


  • (To resolve this little matter of “what’s on the sidewalk?” please attend Bruce Jewett’s Haiku for Cats at CatNapRevue number 1917 on WordPress.  The reward for so doing merely begins at that poem…more follows and precedes! j richards)