“Wears Like Forever”*

(May 13, 2018)


just wearing you like

forever – ‘cross a flat sea

that thought comforts


  • (Originally entitled “This ‘un needs some help,” as soon as I returned to the notebook from the keyboard after typing the title, I saw the moves to make: In the last line instead of “that image comforts me,” I installed “that image comforts me.” The cryptic-like title perhaps could use a few chisels, though.)



8 thoughts on ““Wears Like Forever”*

    • Thanks, Yassy. So glad you liked it. I did too. Went through four or five revisions…the original line “Wearing you like forever” needs, I think, to be in its own poem or a parcel of prose.

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      • Now to use it to whip a piece of poetry during the next few days’ deluging from our Gulf Coast tropical disturbance that just passed Down South of us from The Atlantic. Hoping for a weeklong total at the near-end of The Dry Season of six-to-ten inches. Then Hurricane season. I switched from tenni-sneaks to beach sandals and dragged out The Golf – it used to be called “Flog” but the association of SadoMasochists complained (actually they is a much pithier – and pungent reason – umbrella. Gotta go read some Yasmink, LadyY

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      • Oh, Nay, said Nave J, ’tis Yasmin who sweetens my universe and what few crystal shards of delight I might craft come inspired by the many friends of Yassy who do not always trail in her wake but more likely are found in constellations at sea sharing similar such breezes as befits a Cloud Of Artists.

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      • And There I Thought: merely, I am making the world a merrier place…or, rather just noticing the merriment so outcroppingly all-over that it is a better place already – and for proof: there art thou and Juice, and George, and, and, and.


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