Yassy decides me: so it is out of format? So what? This is delicious!

A bird takes me flying on her fragile wings When, up on high, she decides to sing. Clouds pour on us making me cry As we taxi a cumbersome sky She doubles her bling as parachute sling. She loves to rap, does a hip hop Freaking out, I tell her to stop Blinded by water, […]

via A limerick gone haywire — yaskhan

“I Like All My Original 11* Amendments!”

(May 13, 2018)


That big “Number Two”

guarantees not just nine more

but the whole shebang!


  • (That’s right: not just 10 original proposed in The Bill of Rights to the United States’ Constitution, but an 11th which languished long until it squoze in…exactly which is a challenge for the curious…unfortunately too few elementary – not to mention junior highs (and middle schools) and, yes, not just high schools but colleges and universities as well) offer a course of study for the greatest single document crafted by man – and it is unlike God’s book, also written by man, being ignored and scofflawed into uselessness often by members of both political persuasions here in The United States.  The Bible while written by man was, is and shall ever be God’s book and while seemingly out-of-favor these days, remains unassailable – except for the modernists who continue trying to wordify both testaments to fit their wordly agendas.  One task at a time: bring back The Constitution: I have a feeling The Lord will watch his own tome.)

“Wears Like Forever”*

(May 13, 2018)


just wearing you like

forever – ‘cross a flat sea

that thought comforts


  • (Originally entitled “This ‘un needs some help,” as soon as I returned to the notebook from the keyboard after typing the title, I saw the moves to make: In the last line instead of “that image comforts me,” I installed “that image comforts me.” The cryptic-like title perhaps could use a few chisels, though.)