“Long-Legged Lady Unwatches” Tanka 1066

(May 11, 2018)


long-legged lady

walks her kid in a pusher

eyes glued to her phone


narrow lakeside* sidewalk and

full boulevard pay no heed


  • (Lake Monroe on he northern shore of Sanford, Florida, USA, has a quaint and still-developing brisk noontime walk-and-drive trade, especially before the midges become a constant bother in the still windless lulls.  The sidewalks, too, teem with strollers, power walkers, cyclists who scoff at the law that says serve your sentence in the streets, skateboarders, and the like. This particular lady has a toddler in an abbreviated “basket” slung on wheels with little overhead sunshade and she – in almost a half-minute of watching her and child – not once took her adult eyes off the big-screen called cellphone.  Child abuse anyone?” Cars, motorcycles, trucks, scooters – and that’s just what’s confined on Seminole Boulevard by the lake: what’s coming up from behind and what’s coming at her from the opposite direction on that narrow – just big enough for two medium-sized adults abreast – is potentially fraught with danger.  And my overblown imagination says the mom is a perfect candidate for “helicopter” wings.)


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