“Just A Little Lite Music Show”

Yes, I know: out of format.  The below pictures I took years ago at a downtown Sanford, Florida (USA) street fest



(indoor Alive After Five Second-Thursday monthly street party and inside The Alley Blues Bar (Park Avenue – half the block now!) at its weekly Thursday Blues All Star Jam.  The Jam is one of the first Central Florida blues offerings and Alive After Five is the first downtown street fest as well. Included in this brief album are shots of the entertainment outside along Sanford’s First Street, inside Maya Books & Music, a popular privately held book store which has since reopened across the street from its original location now the latest (of three) additions to the wildly popular Hollerbach’s WillowTreeCafe, a German restaurant whose around-the-corner offerings include a delicatessen and a crafts and arts and costumery shop.  The picture of Gary Holmes – the guy with the chin tickler and the rakish red-feathered Bavarian hat formerly of The Willow Tree, celebrates another around-the-corner at Magnolia Square Sanford Brew Shop where wine, beer (of many kinds)and cheese-making equipment and consumables are offered both in-shop and on-line.











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