“‘Cause Beer’s Expensive!”

(May 8, 2018)


’cause beer’s expensive:

laundry dries on makeshift lines

and water sun-scalds*


(It’s not just for hurricane and other power-outage situations: I have a pair of number three washtubs, a canoe paddle with three-inch holes drilled  to make “agitation” easier – thank you Sanford Junior High’s principal whose own such paddle adorned the wall behind his desk, which I never got to see first-cheek – and a series of thick black plastic sheets upon which label-less two-liter bottles filled with water from the well heat in six hours of full sun well past 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  When a neighbor lady asked me what’s all the fuss about during one of several long-durrance vile episodes of powerlessness following a big windstorm or hurricane, I shrugged, smiled my most evil grin and said: “because beer’s expensive.”)

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