“None Is Vast”

(March 10, 2018)


None is vast number

yet it multiplies nowhere.

I’ll take “after”math!*


  • (Which almost always “after math comes recess” in elementary and curiously enough also in junior high math begat gym class and then in high school the Sophomore and Junior years I got PE as last period with most of the “jocks” so that was fine.  But as a Senior – for several years we had 7-8-9 junior high and 10-11-12 high school) – we had 90-minute classes and they rotated four-a-day so PE, lunch and math – geometry, algebra II and trig; and solid geometry and calculus – on a rotating basis. And my grades suffered.  Well, not so much as I.  Senior year and if you and your grades do not suffer you are doing something wrong.)

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