4 thoughts on ““No ‘Blue Wave’ On Horizon”

  1. Flatterer! But I still stumble over the stack(s) of books by The Reading Chair when I want to go out before dawn to see a man about a horse instead of the polite way. Funny, I never noticed Emily Post’s book on the bottom of that stack: but I did use it to make sure I had the butter knife placed right. Not to mention the shrimp fork – and just why must shrimp be forked? Beats me. It’s a finger food and I have finger bowls and small linen towels, too! The best ‘uns are smoke-roasted shrimp-in-shell with a slathering of highly spiced glaze and a final dusting of Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper…and yes, you eat the crunchy, crusty shell too. Encourages the fine art of lustily and completely chewing, too!


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