“Expert(s) Say Five Years To ‘FakeNet’!”

(March 10, 2018)


Calling Sarah Conner!

Her AI will be SkyNet

ready very soon!*


  • (Google’s announced AI service – with indistinguishable voice-answering – and when they get permission to “mine” everything you write, record, say or sing in FB and elsewhere they will be able to “sub” for you in emails and ever so much more.  One recent acknowledgement: Google or is it FB announce they will put an announcement in front of the Artificial Intelligence device declaiming its “non-humanness” prior to assuming your speech.  Not a joke.  Not a future. Now.  The famous Turing Test for artificial intelligence’s indistinguishability from live or memorex has already been surpassed, some say.  It still seems a little too Terminatorish to me.  But, then, I always can offer Arh-Nold a good Havana smoke and a sweet sweet squeezable woman, no?)

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