“A Question Of Pro-P(r)iety” Tanka 1061

(May 10, 2018)


I have been an orphan

twenty-two years: still,

want to give flowers.


Query: must they still come from

different cemeteries?


  • (Of course I never gave my Mother flowers stolen from the several cemeteries in and around Sanford, Florida (USA),  but in some stretch-budget times I was tempted.  Instead I showed up the day before each major cleaning-event (The pest-exterminator) to do the heavy lifting and cleaning and then go with Dad fishing all day the following morning: which was the present I never did quite figure, especially after he retired and I never once turned the corner to go to the old homestead by the back way that I did not see them in twin rocking chairs on the back porch holding hands and chattering away like teenage first-loves. But boy could they yell at each other – and such language! Shocked! I tells ya!)



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