“Want Security? A New Ben Franklin Answer” Tanka 1060

(March 10, 2018)


Want Security?

Pay Cash for Everything. All!

Get off ‘The Net.’ Now!


No text, No IM, No ‘Cards!’

Walk.  Join nothing. Move.  And, Hide!*


  • (Me? I plan to stay and watch.  When you are at The Shallow End of The Pool you will see the fins rise up and begin cutting their way you-ward and maybe you will have time To Make A Movie Of It All.)

“Expert(s) Say Five Years To ‘FakeNet’!”

(March 10, 2018)


Calling Sarah Conner!

Her AI will be SkyNet

ready very soon!*


  • (Google’s announced AI service – with indistinguishable voice-answering – and when they get permission to “mine” everything you write, record, say or sing in FB and elsewhere they will be able to “sub” for you in emails and ever so much more.  One recent acknowledgement: Google or is it FB announce they will put an announcement in front of the Artificial Intelligence device declaiming its “non-humanness” prior to assuming your speech.  Not a joke.  Not a future. Now.  The famous Turing Test for artificial intelligence’s indistinguishability from live or memorex has already been surpassed, some say.  It still seems a little too Terminatorish to me.  But, then, I always can offer Arh-Nold a good Havana smoke and a sweet sweet squeezable woman, no?)

“None Is Vast”

(March 10, 2018)


None is vast number

yet it multiplies nowhere.

I’ll take “after”math!*


  • (Which almost always “after math comes recess” in elementary and curiously enough also in junior high math begat gym class and then in high school the Sophomore and Junior years I got PE as last period with most of the “jocks” so that was fine.  But as a Senior – for several years we had 7-8-9 junior high and 10-11-12 high school) – we had 90-minute classes and they rotated four-a-day so PE, lunch and math – geometry, algebra II and trig; and solid geometry and calculus – on a rotating basis. And my grades suffered.  Well, not so much as I.  Senior year and if you and your grades do not suffer you are doing something wrong.)