“Cinco De Mexico” Tanka 1057

Cinco de Mayo

not natally Mexican

but like lime-in-beer

it has seeped South from US

and our “wet*” burrito too!


  • (If not elsewhere then only in Sanford, Florida, USA, at a now-renamed and re-purposed Cook’s Corner,  the burrito was a concoction of great delight.  It was a filling of enchilada sauce-infused – then chilled to firm – ground meat lightly spiced and wrapped around – sans folded ends – a large tortilla shell, browned to a crisp and hot texture on a flat-iron in a bacon-grease skid, then plopped into a salamander-capable broiling dish with a generous dipper-and-one-half of “wet” chile con carne con frijoles and topped generously with shredded mozzarella with chopped sweet onions either as garnish after melting in the broiler a bit or added as a crispy crunch in pool of melted cheese and chile.  A Three-beer lunch! Bessie Patterson and my mother Sally Richards were great chums, but she gave not this recipe to her, only the taco-meat recipe – which is the basis for the ground meat filling – the bleu cheese dressing, the St. Johns River freshwater blue crab boil and crab cakes next-day treat, and her gaity at The Grill at Cook’s.  The burrito receipt is a product of another gorgeous lady of Cooks, former bartender and cook Jan Stokes who in cahoots with yours truly reconstructed the famous – in Sanford – Wet Burrito.  While studying computer programming I spent time in Bessie’s kitchen and out behind the bar for my evening’s coinage to continue my sup-age ability and learned a trick or three at short-order cookery and always wiping the can top before pulling the tab trick too few tar-benders perform these days.)

“The Ballad Of UCF”

(May 5, 2018)


U Can’t Finish now

nation’s largest school – and more:

unbeaten Grid Team!*


  • (13-0 in Division 1, beating Auburn in a New Year’s bowl game while Alabama and someone else tussled for the mythic crown: both them teams had blemishes, so University of Central Florida in a move marketing people will study for, oh, seven or six seconds before scoffing aloud into their tony water with lime slice, the school painted National Champions! 13-0! 2016-17 on their school’s stadium.  Wonder when Florida will schedule them now?)

“A Dry Spell Breaks”

(May 5, 2018)


Had I stayed to play

haiku games this noon I’d swim

home* in blessed rain!


  • (Uphill, emulating salmon out practice-spawn-swimming.  The ruination of many a good beach-sandal, hitting the curbing as I leap to the next rapids.  Besides, I have a nice newly broiled half-salmon just begging to flake for me in the fridge wondering if I am out dating a perfectly shaved butt of beef tenderloin kissing both sides of a baguette sauced ever-so-shrewdly by parsley-garlic-butter, Kosher salt and freshly ground melange of three peppers.  So what if the potato chips spoil the ambiance! The Mateus Rose complaineth not!)