“Of Walls And Men” Tanka 1052

The Chinese Wall meant

to keep Mongols out; Berlin,

to keep Germans in!


Southern Border you-know-where,

but what about Northern* Wall?

  • (Our United States border with Canada if anything is even more porous than that despicable excuse for a border with Mexico, yet few clamor to keep Kanuks out of earshot for their many “Eh’s”, Eh?  And that needs addressing in a serious vein.  Why, before you know it, the dastardly Southern neighbors will be shipping those Hondurans, Nicaraguans and who knows? else besides – perhaps misled Paraguayans with extra-thick soles from crashing between Manitoba and Saskatchewan!  I am a TWO-WALLER!  But I will wait the disposition of the latest test of Trump. Cancel The Caravan!)

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