“That Bob Sonnenberg*” Tanka 1045

That Bob Sonnenberg,

great big yellow-rimmed man-bear

never went without


the two things – a facefull smile

and a can’t miss wooden cross!


  • (I will have to ask “Miss” Betty, the late Bob’s wife the correct spelling of the family name.  She was an equally-smiling fixture at Sanford, Florida USA’s city hall and later The Civic Center where she helped organize and run Grace ‘N’ Grits, a homeless and needy church-sponsored breakfast-lunch-dinner rotational feeding throughout Sanford.  Grace-N-Grits and its like-minded other church-sponsored ministries is somewhat unique in that its Wednesday evening meals a different church in Seminole County or Sanford takes turns cooking and serving and in many cases The United Methodist Church-hosted events feature a wide variety of Christian denominations and sometimes Muslim attendance as well.  Bob and Betty lost their son Bob many years ago even before Betty lost Bob.  She is Sanford Strong in the best sense of the term, as was he, always with a smile and that great big wooden cross carried proudly, prominently across his big broad chest just under his great glowing grin-turned-smile.)

“Ballad Of ‘Stick Man’ Part One” Tanka 1041

He pushes a tired

old creaky grocery cart

to a coming storm.


Basket near bare, he thread-thin

needs most his apointed rounds.*


  • (I’ve seen few so tall and so thin and waling so slow and pushing so old a long-out-of-date creaky and small grocery cart, not seen in any nearby store in decades, the metal wheels floppy or wobbly at best, giving both point and counter; as he shuffle-steps behind each race of wheels, rickety-ing his way up the street as stormclouds gather.  Where is he going, will he beat the storm back. What two items are those in his cart.  A jacket? A canvas sack? Who knows.  He does, though. And he determinedly makes his way across the street, around the corner and into myth.)